4 Formal Essentials Every Man Needs in Their Wardrobe

When it comes to building a wardrobe, every man should have two types of clothes:

  • Formal wear
  • Casual wear

So in this blog post, we’re looking to help out a man in the formal part of their wardrobe. Here, you’ll learn the four essentials every man needs in their closet. So if that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

Gray/Blue Suit

When it comes to suits, each man should have one. But when deciding on one, we highly recommend you stay with a gray or blue suit. If you won’t, you’ll have a hard time fitting into every season.

So pick a classic-looking one and then go with bolder colors.

A Good Dress Shirt

No suit is complete without a dress shirt. However, when picking one, you should choose a good quality one. That way, you won’t always have to replace it.

And if you want our two cents, then you should buy them from Eton shirts!

A Dress Watch

When it comes to formal outfits, many men forget to accessorize! So instead of being the average man, why not add a finishing touch to your outfits by getting yourself a dress watch?

As an added benefit, you can use this for all other outfits as well. Just make sure not to wear it when going jogging.

Tie Bar

When it comes to wearing a suit, most forget to add a tie bar. So why not take advantage of it and wear it yourself.

You’ll look sharper than anyone else, making you look better without screaming for attention. However, make sure it has a simple rectangle shape when buying one.


And those were the four essentials you need in your wardrobe! So be sure to add them to your closet and when you’re ready for any occasion. Then you can expand your wardrobe to the way you like!